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 We Shall Be  Love 6/1/2019
 Can Only The Pain of Love 5/18/2019
 Jazzy’s Afraid  Dark Poetry 4/20/2019
 Back Alley Girl  The Pain of Love 4/13/2019
 Black Angel The Pain of Love 4/9/2019
 Wish Love 4/7/2019
 Gasping Love Gone Bad 4/6/2019
 Sister Misc 3/31/2019
 Barfly Dark Poetry 3/31/2019
 Whispering Dark Poetry 3/31/2019
 Wondering Eyes Unrequited Love 3/27/2019
 My Ring Love Gone Bad 3/24/2019
 Cerebral Palsy Misc 3/24/2019
 Lost Love Misc 3/24/2019
 And Nothing Else The Pain of Love 3/24/2019
 Intimacy Of Love Dark Poetry 3/24/2019
 Shadows  The Pain of Love 3/20/2019
 Love Starved Dreams Love 3/17/2019
 A woman Scorned Dark Poetry 3/17/2019
 Charade of Love Dark Poetry 3/16/2019
 You’re Love Love 3/14/2019
 Shivers of Innocence  Love 3/13/2019
 Never I Love You 3/13/2019
 The Graveyard Dark Poetry 3/10/2019
 Mood Swing Humorous Poems 3/10/2019
 Hell’s Feast Dark Poetry 3/9/2019
 Your Knight I Love You 3/9/2019
 Poetic Emotions  Misc 3/9/2019
 Heart Shape Box Misc 3/9/2019
 Your Hand I Love You 3/7/2019
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We Shall Be

You swayed
into my heart
in a meldoy
of love
take my hand
we'll be as one
and share
our rhythm
of love
the music
of dreams
is always
true love
and forever
we shall be

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