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 Don't Try It Before You Buy It Misc 9/18/2019
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 I'm Being Blessed At Least 7 Times Lol Misc 9/7/2019
 God Aims To Please Misc 9/7/2019
 It's Really No Secret At All Misc 9/7/2019
 In The Name Of Love Misc 9/7/2019
 Awaiting Dorians Vengence Misc 8/30/2019
 Whose Looking For Dust Bunnies Anyway? Misc 8/28/2019
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 The Darker Side Of Aging Misc 8/25/2019
 Searching For Peace And Quiet Misc 8/22/2019
 Opposites Attract Misc 8/22/2019
 A Picture IS Worth A Thousand Words Misc 8/20/2019
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 Fare Thee Well Summer Misc 8/5/2019
 No Other Way To Put It Misc 7/29/2019
 And The Beat Goes On Misc 7/29/2019
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 No Bakes Next Time Misc 7/19/2019
 Just As I Am Misc 7/14/2019
 Pleasant Restful Sleep Misc 7/10/2019
 As I See It  Misc 7/10/2019
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Don't Try It Before You Buy It

The label plainly read neutral
Although it really looked quite dark
Whether to make a purchase or not
My big question mark

At $15.00 a bottle
Would this makeup do the trick?
Or perhaps a less expensive brand
Perhaps I instead should pick

Knowing full well I shouldn't have
A little dab I smeared upon my face
Glanced into the counter mirror
Oh this I Gotta Erase!

Not a tissue on my person
The smudge mark dark as it could be
Neurtral? I'll say not
Was right there for all to see

Acting nonchalantly
I headed for the door
And vowed never to open and try another product
As I quickly left the store

Brain Tease Challenge rlentua ( neutral)

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