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 Gaining By Losing Misc 5/12/2019
 Help A Breaking Heart Misc 5/12/2019
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Squealing With Glee Oinker

I gave my child a piggy bank and explained how to save each found coin she may
And that putting money in her bank would help her purchase what she'd like someday
And so for each and every birthday after seeing how much she got
She'd take and put the money
In the piggy money slot

Through the years she'd keep a count of what was tucked inside
And all the funds she'd put aside

Then came graduation day her sails now flying high
She brought out that piggy bank saying 'I know what I'd like to buy'
'Mom you taught me to put money in my bank '
'Let's just wait and see now I know the value of what my new car means to me'

Let's Just Wait And See Challenge
Hosted by Deeny

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