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 Mistakes Were Made Misc 1/8/2008
 Wish Upon A Star Holiday Poems 12/19/2007
 Star Lite Star Brite Misc 11/1/2007
 Stuff n Fluff Holiday Poems 10/30/2007
 'Our Dearest Josh' Grieving and Loss 10/19/2007
 'Bless The Broken Rose' Childrens Poetry 7/5/2007
 A million Moments I Love You 5/24/2007
 'Megan's Angel' Dedications 5/24/2007
 Angel Babies The Pain of Love 4/23/2007
 Softly Placed In Your Arms I Love You 4/23/2007
 My Memories Grieving and Loss 4/23/2007
 In This Child's Eye's Inspirational Poems 4/23/2007
  'Memories,.. Of A Million Moments' Grieving and Loss 4/23/2007
 Snuggles Troubles Silly Poems 2/22/2007
 Different Things Childrens Poetry 2/22/2007
 Whose Your Daddy? Humorous Poems 2/2/2007
 With All Our Love Current Events 2/2/2007
 In The Arms Of An Angel Grieving and Loss 2/1/2007
 Mom Waiting Life 2/1/2007
 My Dear Niece Kari Misc 2/1/2007
 'My Dad' Grieving and Loss 2/1/2007
 You Can Run ` But You Can't Hide Misc 1/31/2007
 For Me Not To Cry Grieving and Loss 1/31/2007
 On Angel Wings Dedications 1/31/2007
 Forgotten Faces Life 1/25/2007
 Stairway To Heaven Dedications 1/25/2007
 Forever Young Dedications 1/25/2007
 Another Day Inspirational Poems 1/25/2007

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Mistakes Were Made

Things aren't going right in our family
One or two are being misunderstood
Wish I could make things right
I really wish I could.
Mixed feelings are causing tears
It happened so long ago.
Can't remember through the years
What was said and what was done
Who was wrong and who was right
Either way, it will hurt someone.
This isn't the way it was meant to be
He said, she said
Is tarring apart our family.
Some feel its gone on too long
Now one has to admit that they were wrong.
Time to put the pieces back together
For life is too short for a family feud to
Stand between them, forever.
Family Bonds were made to be Strong
They're made to Last...
A Whole Lifetime Long-->

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