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When I Leave The World Behind

When I Leave This World Behind
When I leave this world behind
I will leave the wind to dance
With the flowers as the sun comes up
I will leave the sun to warm hearts
And open up souls to honor God
To envelope all in His grace
I will leave the stars to twinkle
So that lovers may feel the
Soothing sensation of their beauty
I will leave the moon to brighten
The nights as lovers walk hand in hand
I will leave the birds to sing their songs
So that all may enjoy their symphonies
I will leave those I love with memories
Of all we have shared in throughout lifetime
I will leave smiles on their faces for
They will remember all the love I
Always showered them with hugs and kisses
Given freely and with my heart open
When I leave this world behind
I will leave the best of me
And pray God will forgive my sins
And hold His hand out to me
And welcome me into His heavenly place
Full of love and grace.

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