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 Transgression Love Gone Bad 3/26/2009
 Pseudo Garden Misc 9/16/2008
 I Paint With Black and Blue Misc 9/15/2008
 Sun Ray Life 9/13/2008
 The Marble Composition Book Misc 8/22/2008
 Genesis Nemesis Humorous Poems 8/15/2008
 Spring Cleaning Fever Misc 8/7/2008
 Homicidal Attraction Misc 8/4/2008
 Interstate 95 Misc 7/7/2008
 Suburban Skyline Insight 7/2/2008
 April 17, 2007 The Pain of Love 6/30/2008
 428 Consecutive Nights The Pain of Love 6/28/2008
 Dandelions Misc 6/28/2008
 Static Love Gone Bad 12/22/2007
 Encore Love 8/27/2006
 Adagio Misc 6/6/2006
 The Blue Screen Life 9/22/2005
 On Writer's Block Misc 9/22/2005
 The Tulip Tree Love 6/8/2005
 Jerome Avenue Life 6/8/2005
 Calla Lilly Insight 6/8/2005
 September 12, 2001 Dedications 8/24/2004
 My Mother's Eyes Dedications 8/24/2004
 Transformations Misc 6/28/2004
 Water Lily Misc 6/28/2004
 Rhapsody in Blue Misc 6/28/2004
 The History of Man Part I Humorous Poems 6/23/2004
 Word Junkie Insight 6/23/2004
 Outside Marillac Cafeteria Insight 6/23/2004
 On Time Misc 6/22/2004
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She's got the blues
Slushy sapphire tears
Not enough stars
To tack up the sky

Her thoughts as frozen
As a marbleized Queen
Or a checkmate by a pawn

To busy constantly retracing
Her censored silhouette
By the crooked shadows
Of what she is trying
To forget

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