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The End

I feel like screaming but when I open my mouth nothing comes out,
Tears roll down my face leaving warm, wet trails that quickly go cold,
For the first time in sixteen years I am truly alone,
I amount to nothing and I have no one.
Everything in my life that was good has now gone,
What was once bright light is now dark.
My body shakes and convulses from the pain,
Every breath I take bides my time until death.
My life is left without purpose or reason,
The past is now a ghost that haunts my mind,
My soul an empty husk that continues to decay.
Soon I will be enveloped in complete darkness.
I wonder if I will hesitate when the time comes?
Until I am swallowed whole I await,
Knowing that I don't have much time left,
I sit here and wonder what life would have been like,
If only you were still here with me.

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