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 Happy 100th Birthday To Mom In Heaven Birthdays 6/8/2018
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 Mom`s Birthday In Heaven Birthdays 6/8/2016
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 Birthday Wishes To Mom In Heaven Birthdays 6/8/2015
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Happy 100th Birthday To Mom In Heaven

I can hear the bells ringing
I can hear the angels singing
Happy Birthday to you today
You`re not here,God took you away

He called you home 16 years ago
I love you and I miss you so
I know you`re in a better place
Feeling wonderful,A smile on your face

I know you,re not in sorrow or pain
I miss you, my tear drops fell like rain
The day God called you to Heaven above
It`s been a long time,My hearts still full of love

You were a wonderful Mother here on earth
I`ll always be thankful to the one that gave me birth
For you and dad gave life to me,I love both of you
And I always have my whole life through

You`d be 100 years old today if you were here
We`d have a big celebration I know I`d shed a tear
I`m sending Birthday wishes to Heaven above
Along with hugs and kisses and all my love

May the angels celebrate with you and sing
You`re a very special angel ,May the bells ring
For you to have a wonderful 100th Birthday
I love you Mom more then I can ever say

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