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 Talk the Talk Love Gone Bad 5/5/2006
 The Bridge Love 4/27/2006
 Save Me The Pain of Love 3/9/2006
 The Way You Make Me Feel Dark Poetry 3/9/2006
 When I Fall in Love I Love You 11/17/2005
 Baby, I'm Back Ballad 11/2/2005
 the song Love Gone Bad 5/18/2005
 lies Dark Poetry 5/17/2005
 decisions Love Gone Bad 5/12/2005

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Talk the Talk

Sweet innocent little girl
when are you gonna notice
all the lies and deceptions
he's been telling you
are his way of showing 'love'

He did it with me
he'll do it to you
don't let that ring make you
a fool too because he'll eventually
walk away and leave you in
a tear filled drowning pool

Realize I'm here
I have all the questions
you need answers to
because I once asked them myself

Don't let his putdowns
make you wish you were dead
or make you look in the mirror
wondering why you're so hideous and ugly
the he feels the need to be cruel

it's only because he's controlling
and needs to rule
every inch of your petite frame

But honey I have a few more advices
to implant in those pretty studded ears
when he says, 'I love you'
its only talk
and like they say,

'You can walk the walk
but can you talk the talk?' Talk the Talk

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