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Dear God

I walk along my favorite path in the garden today
Enjoying the delightful scents of the flowers there,
And I am feeling you Lord so close to me
As I say a little prayer.

I知 sending a prayer to Heaven,
A prayer of love for my beautiful niece, who is now a teen,
She is so troubled and seems to have lost her way
Sex, drugs, hanging out with addicts, thoughts of suicide
And being in jail have now become her scene.

She truly has a sweet and loving spirit though
And her family prays daily that she値l turn her life around,
Just now, she痴 in juvenile detention where she値l be for a while
So, we池e all hoping that the right treatment
For her problems will soon be found.

I know that you love our Julia, Lord
But I was hoping that you would find a way,
To give her some extra hugs while she sleeps tonight
So she値l feel them when she begins her brand new day.

I also ask that you give her the inner strength and hope she needs
During these very trying times,
And on the wings of a prayer I知 sending my love to her
So that she値l feel me walking beside her
As out of her darkness she climbs.

Sample Poem for the Fast Challenge~~Prayers

Prayers/Titles used~~I say a little prayer, sending a prayer to Heaven, a prayer of love, on the wings of prayer

~For my Julia~

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