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To Fly High and Free

Tis a dream imagined…to fly high and free
That was all Mathew had on his mind,
Revelry was being called and he anxiously prepares himself…
To fly the skies alone…leaving his fetters behind.

His excitement knew no bounds as he climbed into the cockpit
Thinking that all his flying lessons had paid off,
The day had finally arrived…
To realize his dream that his buddies used to scoff.

Yes, he had flown high in the skies in training
And while that was thrilling and new,
It was not the same as doing it alone
As he was about to do.

As he started the plane and took off into the morning sun
He had a broad smile upon his face,
He maneuvered his plane to get in formation with the others
And had managed to find his place.

They flew into Zone 1…where the worst of the fighting was
They were supposed to drop off the new troops in their plane,
And pick up the wounded…returning them to a MASH unit
Where they could get their wounds treated…easing their pain.

He volunteered to make this same flight
Over the next three days straight,
The days were getting longer each time he went out
He had barely slept, yet he was still eager to carry his weight.

As he was flying back to the base on the fourth day out
His plane took a hit from enemy fire,
He tried to control the plane as it drifted upon the wind
His guiding it toward the woods below became dire.

When he came to, he checked himself for injuries and had little
So he crawled out of the plane...climbing down the closest tree,
As he was thanking God for saving him…he felt a gentle touch
And then it struck him…that it was because of those soldiers…
Fighting for HIS COUNTRY'S freedom…
That he was even ABLE to FLY HIGH AND FREE.

For the Just for the Love of It Challenge

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