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 Aubrey Love 6/30/2019
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 Summer Moon Love 5/23/2019
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 The Invitation Life 5/20/2019
 Share Me My Love Love 5/19/2019
 Forever and Always Love 5/18/2019
 If I Only Had Wings Love 5/18/2019
 Rude Awakening Humorous Poems 5/16/2019
 It Began With Chestnut Lake Inspirational Poems 5/16/2019
 Whispers from Angels Love 5/15/2019
 Just a Walk in the Rain Love 5/15/2019
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I liken you to a lovers’ sonnet, my Aubrey
As your laughter makes its’ way into each crevice of my soul
And I am captivated by your sparkling blue eyes and playfulness,
As we walk together in the late afternoon by the old fishing hole.

Soon this lovely summer day becomes an evening filled with golden fireflies
And we watch the children trying to catch them in a jar.
We find a quiet place on a bench in a garden
Where we can enjoy watching them without going very far.

We share our childhood memories in this garden
As we are sitting here,
Laughing and chatting on a starry night
Till loves’ gentle touch begins to fill the air.

With your bright eyes dancing
And a smile meant to charm,
You tell me that you love me, and I blush to tell you
That I love you too as I pull you into my arms.

Amongst satin and lace…love whispers tonight,
With delicate petals of red roses too,
For they are scattered here, there and everywhere
As the vibrancy of our kisses start anew.

We delight in morning’s stillness, while wrapped in each other’s arms
As the scent of lilacs begin to fill the room,
For you have gathered some together and placed them here
Then crawled back into bed to snuggle up again till noon.

Today is Sunday and we get away as always
To our secret cove, down by the water’s edge,
We skinny dip and play till we have our fill
Then cuddle together up on a higher ledge.

Lazily we sit, as you place your head upon my chest
Singing to me sweetly a serenade of love, 'Bye and Bye',
We watch the beauty of the sailboats in the distance for awhile
Then lay on our backs marveling at the shapes of the clouds that fill the sky.

I brush back your curly red hair as I tell you that I love you once more
While standing on your doorstep before we say goodbye for the day,
And you smile that playful smile that I love so much…
As you begin kissing these manly tears of mine away.

My sample poem for the 'a_________garden' Challenge

My phrase, 'a__bench in a___garden.'

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