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I Am

I am He,the I Am that I Am
I give comfort to the comfortless,I bring peace to the troubled mind.
I mend hearts that are sorely broken,and I guide you on the right path,when you become lost.
I am the Great Shepherd,the Grand Shepherd,I am Jesus Christ the Anointed One.

I am the New Hyssop,it is My Blood that washes you clean and makes you white as snow.

I am He, the Great I Am that I Am. The Great and Grand Shepherd,I am Jesus Christ the Anointed One,the Lamb of God.
I am the New Hyssop.

Come unto me, return to me,I am the Grand Shepherd,return to me and I will restore you
and put you back on your post,as my vessel,my warrior.

I loved you,I forgive you, and I want to restore you,would you allow me?

I am He, the Great I Am that I Am.
The Great and Grand Shepherd, the New Hyssop.

I am Jesus Christ the Anointed One,would you let me in?

Inspired By The Holy Ghost
Patricia Ann Robinson
God's Servant

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