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  Nonexistential Angst Insight 8/1/2019
 Summer's Reign Insight 2/8/2019

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Nonexistential Angst

The insouciant willow alienated me with its eloquent poise,
It was no surprise the AI sparrow had little counterpoint.
To see all the cosmic authorities ablaze with the might of eternity
Beckoned to me like sawdust in a barn.
I wanted to take a match to that wood
Burn the whole place to the ground,
But returned to the grace of a seagull
Awash with it's jets sound.
Riddle me this Horatio
How could things have gotten so intense
Astronomically seeing with my spy lens.
Hug close to the edge of time, find meaning in every rhyme,
Cooler heads were meant to prevail.
A thimble of meaning is the common manís wage
Even payment of profit was all for the sage.
Truth is, itís all infinite.
Donít live on crumbs, when you can eat the whole cake!

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