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 Surprise Dark Poetry 4/26/2010
 The Idiot Life 2/5/2010
 Golden Nature 10/13/2009
 Salt and Pepper Misc 7/9/2009
 A Boy Toy Childrens Poetry 1/7/2009
 THE TRUTH! Humorous Poems 7/28/2008
  A Lovers Embrace Silly Poems 7/13/2008
 Caterpillar Misc 6/21/2008
 Fat Rats Silly Poems 4/23/2008
 IN THE FOREST Nature 4/4/2008
 In the Kitchen Childrens Poetry 3/24/2008
 Who is it? Childrens Poetry 3/18/2008
 Over and over again Nature 3/11/2008
 Symphony in High Green Nature 3/3/2008
 Alzheimer's Life 2/24/2008
 Forever Love 2/22/2008
 To fix the world... Misc 2/22/2008
 Inner Garden Insight 2/21/2008
 Oscillation Misc 2/20/2008
 Still Numb Current Events 2/20/2008
 Too Sharp Silly Poems 2/19/2008
 SSHHHHH!!!! Silly Poems 2/19/2008
 Lost Childrens Poetry 2/17/2008
 Impotence Current Events 2/17/2008
 AT THE DOCTOR Childrens Poetry 2/15/2008
 Mediocrity and His Friends Life 2/15/2008
 Snip, pin, stitch Childrens Poetry 2/14/2008
 Mature love Love 2/13/2008
 Broken Childrens Poetry 2/13/2008
 Oh, my! Life 2/12/2008
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It hit me hard, I couldn’t avoid it.
A strong smell of putrefaction engulfed me, as I got near to the corpse that laid in the middle of the street.
I looked into to the dead face,
something inside off me screamed.
That nose,
those lips…
were the same ones,
I always saw in the mirrors.

Maria Fischinger @ 2010

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