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 In A World Of Make Believe Misc 5/24/2019
 That Rustic Cabin Misc 5/23/2019
 Smile Misc 5/22/2019
 In The Cool Of The Evening Misc 5/22/2019
 Storyteller Misc 5/5/2019
 Twilight Time Misc 5/5/2019
 Golden Morning Misc 5/5/2019
 Love Comes Softly Misc 5/5/2019
 A Blossom Of Remembrance Misc 5/3/2019
 Time Changes Everything Misc 4/28/2019
 Springtime Interlude Misc 4/28/2019
 Memories Misc 4/28/2019
 Colors Of Our Love Misc 4/25/2019
 Roses And Violets Misc 4/18/2019
 A Garden Of Long Ago Misc 4/15/2019
 Dear Miss Bailey Misc 4/14/2019
 Cry Of The Ocean Misc 4/8/2019
 ~~Sunrise~~ Misc 4/8/2019
 The Long Way Home Misc 4/8/2019
 Time Of The Season Misc 4/8/2019
 She Was More Misc 4/7/2019
 When I Was Sixteen Misc 4/5/2019
 I'm Searching Misc 4/5/2019
 Shadows Misc 4/3/2019
 Tapestry Misc 4/3/2019
 April Buds Misc 4/1/2019
 On Stage Misc 4/1/2019
 Sunset In July Misc 4/1/2019
 My World Misc 3/30/2019
 In Their Loveliest Attire Misc 3/29/2019
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In A World Of Make Believe

Molly ran barefoot through the warm soft earth of the garden patch. How delightful it felt on her toes. A wisp of a girl with strawberry hair, her energy was boundless. She could amuse herself with imaginary friends and endless tea parties. That very afternoon she was on her way to play with the bunnies and the butterflies that often waited for her there. She ran past rows of daisies and flax, past a patch of grandmas giant cabbage roses to find them. Grandma loved her roses, why she even won first prize last year at the annual Rose Exhibit. Molly remembered they had big ugly thorns as sharp as upholstery tacks.

The noon day sun was high in the sky and extra bright that afternoon. She danced in and out of the rows of beans and peas the ones that grandma was particular about keeping the weeds from getting a foot-hold, as she phrased it. The sun beat down and after hours of play, Molly grew sleepy and began to yawn. Soon she was fast asleep beside a patch of Four o'clocks that where already napping.

There was no answer when Mama called to her to come in for supper. Everyone grew frantic and wasted no time searching all the places she loved to play. Daddy and grandma left no stone unturned. They followed her little footprints through the garden and soon found her fast asleep in the shade of the tall corn stalks. Daddy picked her up and only then did Molly wake up. She was eager to tell them all about her dream. She was still prattling on about the pretty butterfly who flew her into the forest to meet the big scraggly Lion and how they became bestest friends when Daddy carried her off to bed. 'Tomorrow's another day. 'Hush, now, Molly.' 'Oh Daddy, you would like him, he's really nice, and' ....'Goodnight Molly, sleep tight, tomorrow we'll meet your lion friend, tomorrow'.

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