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 That Is My Final Decision Inspirational Poems 12/16/2017
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 Road To No Where Love 11/10/2017
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That Is My Final Decision

dreams can follow us down to a moment captured in time sub lime
in a moment exposed to the message of tender love from a hand up above
we each go through things another door bell rings the bird begins to sing
caught up in a moment captured in time we shall climb up the mountain of faith where
mountains are moved through the darkness of the valley of hate its are fate
don't try to over react we get toseed to and from one heart soars while the other burns
Compton Heights driving my Camry at night streets without lights looking for a fight
fly away to a world wear hearts are pure their door is always open easy as you are coping
Dreams are made of certain times like these start spreading its disease knocked to your knees...
built to the point to the point no faking sucker m.c.'s frying it up with bacon
Uconn parties as a sing along in their jungle room news of class ending soon
bust up the move we sure improve going to put you all in a good mood
Drake is no fake as I take the rhymes deep so I creep to the floor with a two bit whore
Trials by fire burning it up with rhymes that flow from my head down to my toe
Streets are someone enemy but they say they want to friend me it won't be long you see
Rap is the game you got to plant your seed deep into it will yield a great crop you lone cop
homeboy do think a lot about the rise of Eminem homeboy just scored a perfect ten
kick it up with harmony Marshall Matthers new C.D. got to listen to its sweet melody
Larmar in the joint he on point taking you much higher then ever before
sometimes pink don't think just do as she feels like it's all a game no big deal
got me behind the sqeaky wheel playing one last game of Let's Make A Deal

Dr. Dre may not have to much to say these days free styling at best put to the test
what is this world coming to as you spray your perfume in the room
some say life is a contest but i have to put that to rest its all a big test
to see what you have inside beneath the heart you will make a brand new start
blowin up raps is the task that will last star blazing streams down to your means
Streets will either make you or break you just like they did Pac & Biggie a big mystery
No, you got me in the game i maybe shooting up flames but in the end I'll be brave
Keeping my head up to the sky not looking for a drive by or a shot to the eye
preachers keep preaching while teachers keep on teaching
what one sews will they reap in
That's My Final Decision

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