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 Repetition Misc 6/23/2019
 Retrospect Misc 6/19/2019
 LOST Misc 6/9/2019
 Albums of the Mind Misc 6/5/2019
 Hunger Misc 6/5/2019
 Another Dollar Insight 6/4/2019
 GONE Love Gone Bad 6/4/2019
 Old John and The Yukon Misc 6/3/2019
 Unplanned Misc 6/2/2019
 Grizzly Country Short Stories 6/2/2019
 The Last Farewell Misc 6/1/2019
 Nature Nature 5/30/2019
 A Toast To Robert Service Misc 5/29/2019
 Alaska's Small Wonders Misc 5/28/2019
 Invitation Misc 2/28/2019
 Nature Revealed Nature 2/23/2019
 Alcoholic Life 2/22/2019
 Senility Life 2/21/2019
 Bundle up! Misc 2/21/2019
 A Sacred Place Nature 2/19/2019
 In The Army Misc 2/19/2019
 Justice Misc 2/19/2019
 Lost Misc 2/18/2019
 Hatred Insight 2/18/2019
 An Old Guy's Muse Life 2/17/2019
 Ill Conceived Choices Misc 2/17/2019
 An Angel's Admonition Insight 2/17/2019
 Grizzly Country Short Stories 2/17/2019
 Salvation Misc 2/17/2019
 Reverie The Pain of Love 2/16/2019
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A baleful glance through yesterday’s backdoor reveals lies smothered in raspberry jam where half-truths and innuendos lay dormant, unaware of the skeletal remains of wasted youth, intermingled with ancient termite excrement.

Every tomorrow has vanished into morning fog, horizons swallowed, disappearing from view.
Entombed dreams whisper from afar, “resurrect us, relive your past, your forgotten mistakes await repetition”.

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