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Bring Up The Lights

The world is so brutal today
People don't respect anything
The politicians lie to our face
Nothing seems to ever change

My expectations aren't that high
Don't be rude or tell me lies
Be kind to each other in life
Obey the same laws we comply

Gunfire rings out in our schools
Lives these days have no value
Another mass shooting on the news
Thoughts and prayers will not do

Politicians line there pockets today
They no longer work for the people
Making millions to look the other way
They hide behind the church steeple

Let's take what's real here tonight
Just fire up the amplifiers
And bring up all the lights
Right now, everything's alright

Corporations pollute our air
Dump waste into our waterways
More money so they don't care
We the people are who pays

Don't drink and don't smoke
That's what they always say
Tax us so much we are broke
Pollution will kill us anyway

Billions spent on foriegn wars
While Veterans sleep in the streets
Ask for help they shut the door
Welcome home now struggle to eat

Our bridges keep falling down
It's a battle to stay on our feet
Tent cities for homeless in town
D.C thinks we want everything free

So, I'll take what's real here tonight
Just crank up the amplifiers
And bring up all the lights
Right now, everything's alright

Let's just bring up the lights
And take what's real tonight
Just turn up the amplifiers
Tomorrow we'll restart the fight

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