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Lord Jesus Love Doneagle

no matter how large the problem
or how hopeless things appear
no problem is ever too big or too small
and miracles are always near

has your heart lost it's song
because a few things in life went wrong
there's a brand new song
just waiting for you to sing
listen to the symphony of Angels
and the blessings they're about to bring
and always know your guardian Angel is near
ready to collect each and every tear

I pray for you and wish I could do more
but all we mortal souls can do is pray
and hope your recovery is on the way
and bring you back to the strength of yesterday
please don't lose Hope
for God's power is still there all the while
So pray and trust in our almighty Lord
his healing never goes out of style

don't lose the song that
God put in your heart
trust in him..he will do his part

and the Lord Jesus will see you through
with his special touch

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