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 PiSs on ReaLitY Life 5/2/2005
 Rape Me Life 5/2/2005
 ~WiThIN a ROSe~ Love 2/1/2005
 Petals-N-Poetry Love 2/1/2005
 ~*FoR hER*~ Love 1/4/2005
 -_- JohNny waS a younG GirL -_- Song Lyrics 5/25/2004
 . . @ _ ~ KeePin iT reaL + _ ~ . . Life 5/2/2004
 +_= I gOt thiS fEeLin ^-~ Love 4/14/2004
 Kurt Cobain Suicidal Tendencies Dedications 4/5/2004
 =_+ wheRe -R- yOu nOw? =_+ Dark Poetry 4/5/2004
 +_^ ChAnGe tha' wOrLd +_% Dark Poetry 4/5/2004
 Betrayed Ballad 4/4/2004
 -_+ whO aM i? +-^ Life 4/4/2004
 -_- SwEet ThanG -_- Love 4/4/2004
 tha' flOweRs I Love You 4/4/2004
 -_- iM sO SnaZzY Life 3/30/2004
 -Y- you gotta B- so Christian? ? Humorous Poems 3/23/2004
  -Y- you gotta -B- so Irish? ? Humorous Poems 3/23/2004
 ShYt LikE ThiS Dedications 3/18/2004
 -_- gOoDiE gOoDiE -_- Life 3/12/2004
 _+-+_Tha' ThyngZ he said_+-+_ Love Gone Bad 3/5/2004
 =_= haii haii tO thA gOoD tymEz +-+ Friends 3/2/2004
 Fhucked up Love Gone Bad 3/2/2004
 -_- FaLLiN inTo thiS -_- Love Gone Bad 2/28/2004
 +_- CryinG ouT LoUd +_- Dark Poetry 2/28/2004
 _-_ NaTiVe StyLe _-_ Friends 2/26/2004
 NATIVE FLAVORZ Love 2/25/2004
 _-_ twO fOoLz_-_ Dedications 2/19/2004
 FAITH- LIMP BIZKIT Song Lyrics 2/19/2004
 +_+ Das' sO cRaZy bOo +_+ Love 2/13/2004
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PiSs on ReaLitY

Whatever in your hair cuz I don't really care
Gurl go get some nair cuz what you are is quite a scare
And I think Mr. Ware said he don't CaRe
But I think I already rhymed care so I'll move on

John sucked a d!ck and he got sick
CuZ tha foOL toLD him that ThoSe things wErE just a priCK
But a pRICk oF some Sort I Do nOT knoW
So noW joHn'S SICk and hE don'T bloW

MarSha mAe toLd me toDay that she'S gay
AnD I SaiD 'Wo my FUC*ING goD
I ThouGht you wERe wiTh that DuDe namEd toDd'
And She saiD 'tru buT he'S jUSt a fakE
Cuz all He Ever Does iS EaT caRamEL cakE'

So I SaiD 'ooH, CakE That sh!t iS YuMmy
It GiVes mE buTtErFLiES in my tuMmy'
And She saiD 'well FUC*er go get SoME FoOD'
And I saiD 'mARSha! That waS realLy rUDe'

And She didn't CarE in Her hAIr or AnyWhEre


~* . .

And noW When I go the mAll evEryonE seemS taLL. .
I thiNK the pOT goT my miND aLL hoT and Now I'm SeeiN youR faCe as a SpoT
WhAt I goT and what I noT iS knoT how You ReaLly aRE
By Far and by wheN
You'll nEver be my FrienD
AnD I toLD angelique that she's a geek
And her hair is frizzy and brown
She started to froWn,
BRokE down and criED
I said 'I'm Sorry I liEd!'
YoUR Very beauTifuL
((no she's not))

AnD today, I think I'll buy Some Shoes

Note: April 24th, 2004... Also Posted at under FalopianTube, which is mine SuH... whatever :D

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