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 Paper wings... Love 8/22/2016
 Here I Pray... Life 6/25/2016
 Life’s Canvas  Insight 3/31/2016
 …Memories Life 1/22/2016
 'Notebook' Grieving and Loss 1/5/2016
 Slipping Away Dedications 11/19/2015
 Vanilla Love 8/30/2015
 Sweet Harmony Love 8/22/2015
 Songs of the Wind… Dedications 8/15/2015
 Drift away... Love 8/8/2015
 In life... Life 8/6/2015
 Take me there... Love 8/2/2015
 Whispered Kisses Love 8/2/2015
 …held silently among stars Life 7/12/2015
 Princess Love 6/22/2015
 that moment... Love 6/5/2015
 Beautiful Sunday Morning Love 5/25/2015
 Black... Misc 5/24/2015
 “Summers Rain” Love 5/19/2015
 Bittersweet Memories Love 5/16/2015
 Growing Old Insight 5/15/2015
 Gyspy Rose Love 5/14/2015
 Lightning Flashes Love 5/12/2015
 Choas Insight 5/6/2015
 Would you Life 5/4/2015
 If ever... Love 5/1/2015
 Forgive me… Inspirational Poems 4/25/2015
 The Conversation Inspirational Poems 4/22/2015
 Mirror Love 4/18/2015
 Awakening  Nature 4/17/2015
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Paper wings...

Paper wings...

Two hearts entwined by golden rings, in unison, beat as one, forever they sing
from silent slumber, a flower springs, life floats by, on paper wings

~~ Steve ~~

Midi: Broken Wings
By: Martina McBride

For: Twice as nice
Hostest: Brandy

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