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 Start to Finish Misc 6/18/2019
 Heart Broken Word Play Love Gone Bad 6/17/2019
 Enough for you Grieving and Loss 6/17/2019
 Dream Love 10/22/2010

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Start to Finish

Back when it all started
You were broken hearted
Had your walls up
you were completely guarded
So I took you by the hand
Said I wanna be your man
With a stroke of luck
You said yes and we began
At first it was good
At first you understood
I wouldn't give up
Babe I never could
You put your head on my chest
In your pretty dress
You were the one
I've always wanted this
Then it turned around
You put me in the ground
I thought that this was love
I guess I'm just a clown
Now I'm all alone
No where to call home
I guess if I must
I'll rebuild on my own.

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