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 Potato Chip Valley Fantasy Poems 7/31/2000
 Deep deep into my hreat Love 7/31/2000
 Angels Wings Fantasy Poems 7/31/2000
 Flower Nature 7/30/2000
 Step In To The Light Life 7/30/2000
 Life is hard Haiku 7/21/2000
 The Kingdom Fantasy Poems 7/19/2000
 love is hard Haiku 7/19/2000
 Flower Nature 7/15/2000
 Tishs Wish Silly Poems 7/14/2000
 High Flying Haiku 7/14/2000
 Big Fat Monster Silly Poems 7/13/2000
 how I am Haiku 7/10/2000
 Strange Nights Haiku 7/10/2000
 Jasime's Scent Haiku 7/8/2000
 Clean Cut Grass Haiku 7/8/2000
 frezzing hot Silly Poems 7/7/2000
 !@##$%^#-4f Silly Poems 7/6/2000
 dragons Fantasy Poems 6/30/2000
  Daffodill Nature 6/29/2000
 Want to learn chinese in 5 min. Silly Poems 6/29/2000

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