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Sobriety is Everything...

Iím losing my sense of hope,
Every time youíre unable to cope,
Iíve lost all sense of wonder,
I just watch as itís pulling you under,
Back to the lows, weíre destitute,
So much for planting roots,
There goes the happy ending,
Instead Iíll just end up pretending,
That my sanity doesnít depend on your sobriety,
You just got home and youíre already trying to be,
Someone that you promised you wouldnít,
Doing things you know that you shouldnít,
I really want to be true to you,
But your pushing me further with everything you do,
Iím so lost, Iím so confused,
The unending worry that youíll abuse,
The one thing that will take you from me,
That will change you, hurt you, and never let you free,
I wish you could see, just how much I need you,
Youíre the only one I want, to come home every night to,
Iím struggling because I donít know how to help you,
Help me to love you! I want to, I need to!
I need you. I really do.
Iím so sorry for yelling at you.
I just donít know what else to do,
But Iím petrified for you.

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