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I Hear You

I hear you

Dear Lord,
I hear you sweet Jesus.
I lend an open ear
' My child I come to you
From the Father.
I spread great joy
Of my return.

The time grows nearer.
I will not forsake you.
Gather my children.
Lead them to my lighted gate.
A pathway for all lost souls.
None will perish in the protection.
Of my Holy Light.

Kneel and pray.
I will return one day
All will know the great I Am...
I am the Father of all the
World fear not for it is I
That am within you!

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you
On your Holy journey.
All that you do in my name
I will reward in Heaven.

Blessed all that can hear this message
For I live within them.',

I hear you!

(c) Eva Marie Cagley

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