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 she looks at you.... Love 4/28/2005
 i see you.... Love 4/28/2005
 The Moon (pt. II) Dark Poetry 4/22/2005
 'Thinking of You'(invitation to smoking) Love 4/18/2005
 what am i doing..... Grieving and Loss 3/21/2005
 word hustler.... Insight 2/25/2005
 ....leading up to.... Life 2/21/2005
 my face.... Insight 2/7/2005
 untitled, part 1.... Inspirational Poems 2/3/2005
 Nostalgia.... Grieving and Loss 1/20/2005
 Animate me.... Dark Poetry 1/9/2005
  It's.... Insight 1/6/2005
  Angels of the Universe.... Grieving and Loss 1/6/2005
 Iron-jawed Angels.... Love 1/2/2005
 What am I.... Insight 12/28/2004
 ....10:28 a.m. Insight 12/15/2004
 .... The moon Misc 12/7/2004
 ....I dig your bone yard Insight 12/4/2004
 ....chasing sleep The Pain of Love 12/4/2004
 ....A hole in the sky Grieving and Loss 11/30/2004

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she looks at you....

She looks at you....
She looks at me.

She looks at me....
& 'I can see'.

Swimming through my universe,
drowning in your sea....
trying desperately
to be.

Deep breath....
trying to breathe;
it's so hard to find....
the air
these days
to cut the silence
to find what I was,
& what you are.

This can't be happening....
I'm asleep again.
Your arms
Your eyes
Your touch
Your thighs

Your lips....

You're here....

but am I....?

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