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 On The Right Track-Challenge Poem Inspirational Poems 3/29/2015
  Long Nights I Love You 3/25/2015
  ~~~The Real True Love~~~ Love 6/22/2013
  ~~The Beautiful Butterflies~~ Misc 6/10/2013
  ~~~I Saw My Son Yesterday~~~ I Love You 4/17/2013
  ~~~Believing In The Unseen~~~ Inspirational Poems 4/14/2013
  ~~~The Rain Is Falling~~~ Inspirational Poems 4/9/2013
  ~~~~Love Doth Bloom~~~~ Love 4/1/2013
  ~~~~Tricks Of The Devil~~~ Inspirational Poems 3/31/2013
  ~~~Trying to Hold On~~~ Spiritual Poems 3/31/2013
  ~~~Easter Hope~~~ Holiday Poems 3/31/2013
  ~~~Talk To Me My Son~~~ I Love You 3/16/2013
  ~~~In My Heart~~~ Friends 3/16/2013
  ~~Wherever I May Roam~~ Inspirational Poems 2/21/2013
  ~~~My Cousin Is Resting~~~ Grieving and Loss 2/16/2013
  ~~~Thankful For Another Day~~~ Inspirational Poems 1/5/2013
  ~~~A Christmas Wish~~~ Inspirational Poems 11/25/2012
  ~~~When Rainbows Shine~~~ Inspirational Poems 11/25/2012
 Love-Challenge Poem Challenge Poems 2/26/2012
 Dancing In The Mist-#15-Challenge Poem Challenge Poems 2/26/2012
  ~~~God Is Always Awake~~~ Spiritual Poems 2/26/2012
  ~Outside This Old Cafe-Challenge Poem~ Challenge Poems 2/21/2012
  ~~A Heart Longing To Be Set Free~~ Love 1/6/2012
  ~~~I Am Jesus~~~ Spiritual Poems 1/6/2012
  ~~My Dad Went Home~~ Life 11/16/2011
  ~~Be Ye Warriors-Not Worriers~~ Spiritual Poems 7/5/2011
  ~~Wind Of Change-Challenge Poem~~ Challenge Poems 7/1/2011
  ~~In The Darkest Hour~~ Spiritual Poems 5/6/2011
  ~~Watch The Fig Tree~~ Spiritual Poems 5/6/2011
  ~~Into The Night-Challenge Poem~~ Challenge Poems 4/4/2011
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On The Right Track-Challenge Poem

Once again, I am thankful to the Lord', Jesus.
Suddenly, He', once again, stepped in for me.
He is always there when in need, and totally, has my back,
so I know that I must be,'On the right track'.
(Written by-Pastor Shirley ann shaw)...
(Challenge Poem-On The Right Track/Moderator autumn_jewel)..

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