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 My Best Friend Friends 8/16/2008
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I am not ashamed

I am not ashamed of being with you,
as I kneel down before you and pray.
I am not embarressed of the love you have for me,
and the blessings you provide me with each day.

I am not going to hide you,
so that others can not see.
I refuse to deny you,
because you mean the world to me.

I will praise and worship you, my Lord,
although you deserve more then I have to give.
I will put my life in your hands, .
for in you is how I want to live.

I will spread your word to all,
and open the eyes of those who are blind.
I will rejoice in you, my Savior,
and open the doors of all closed minds.

I will bow down and repent before you,
and be the best person that I can be.
Because I love you, my father,
and I know that you love me.

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