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The Seasons

~*~ Collin Raye ~ In This Life ~*~


The day whispered so softly,
Quiet calm days did us call,
And the world prepared to rest,
In those shorter days of Fall.

Falling with a soft rustle,
The golden leaves floated down.
A blanket of autumn glory
Settling there on the ground.

Then with a loud cold silence,
A time of lengthening night,
The winter winds did blow cold,
The snow glowed in the moonlight.

Icicles decorated,
Replacing the fallen leaves,
The world glistened like diamonds,
With Winterís magics believed.

As days began to lengthen,
And earthís life began to stir,
Peeking out at the sunlight
Life showed that she did endure.

One by one life unfolded,
Flowers bloomed and birds did sing,
With an awakening stretch
The world prepared for the Spring.

And now we see Juneís flowers
Reaching boldly to the sun,
A brilliant burst of color,
A visual feast of fun.

Yes, Time, she has her seasons,
Each filled with itís own wonder,
Now is our time to wander,
And seek the joys of Summer.

© Candace 6/11/18

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