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 A Zinnas flower from the garden ! Misc 11/19/2019
 Oh you beauty of a flower ? Misc 11/19/2019
 A photo from the garden that I love Misc 11/19/2019
 Flamingo the forgotten bird Misc 11/18/2019
 Something to think about Misc 11/18/2019
 I love the Flamingos no ? About that ! Misc 11/18/2019
 Warning to all nations from Israel's God Misc 11/16/2019
 Judgements on all nations ! Misc 11/16/2019
 The Day of Our Lord Victory at Last ! Misc 11/15/2019
 Plague in The USA The Democratic party Misc 11/13/2019
 The Lord despise the home wreckers  Misc 11/11/2019
 Oh Lord will you open my eyes ! Misc 11/10/2019
 Jeremiah (29) Israel in Babylon Misc 11/9/2019
 ( Lord ) Jesus heals a man of Leprosy  Misc 11/8/2019
 Rise Oh Lazarus Rise Misc 11/6/2019
 Oh, the reasons why Prophesied ! Misc 11/5/2019
 Lord, If I only had half as much? Misc 11/4/2019
 Genesis to Revelations begin to end Misc 11/3/2019
 Lord if Man should fall ? Misc 11/2/2019
 The Fall Of Man And The Redeemer Inspirational Poems 11/2/2019
 Elijah can I thumb a ride with You Misc 11/2/2019
 OUR LORD WALKS ON WATER. Misc 10/31/2019
 Outside of the shell known as Earth ! Misc 10/27/2019
 Folks beware of the SEVEN deadly ! Misc 10/27/2019
 My God of Knowledge? Misc 10/26/2019
 One second, one minute, one hour,-day Misc 10/25/2019
 In Judges was this truly written Story ! Misc 10/24/2019
 losing touch with my Spiritual crutch? Misc 10/10/2019
 The Universal Galaxy Misc 10/10/2019
 A story of hope for this darken world! Misc 10/9/2019
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A Zinnas flower from the garden !

This is a Zinnas Flower from
The garden that I truly love !
It was near my home
But since I have moved I must find

Another place to go to spread
much joy to others,
I will find my way you bet,
If only it's wild flowers I can get !

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