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 Somewhere in the park! Misc 7/3/2019
 I see I see Misc 7/1/2019
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Service God Today?

Will you say a prayer of Mercy
Will you say a prayer for Peace
Will you say a prayer for hope and Guidance
And that you learn and do the good will of God complete

If we could get other Brothers
and Sisters to join in this special prayer with me
We could turn the tide of this world around
And save the world from It's daily misery

We will take this ball of confussion
And change what is on It's left
And put it on God's Right path
For the over eight billion born hear to last

I prayer that Our food supply will be some how
Made safe and sufficient to end the fear
Of hunger throughout this world May the prayers
Of my Brotherhood &Sisterhood be answered. Amen

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