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 Praise God Spiritual Poems 9/8/2019
 To Dad in Heaven on Fatherís Day  Grieving and Loss 6/16/2019
 Difficult Times Misc 5/6/2019
 Not Just a Mother In Law Misc 5/13/2018
 Never Be Forgotten  Poems To Our Troops 6/1/2016
 Sunday Morning  Spiritual Poems 5/2/2015
 Jesus' Love Misc 5/2/2015
 Dogs Misc 1/11/2014
 A New Year Holiday Poems 12/31/2013
 Jesus, Our Lord, Our King Spiritual Poems 11/11/2013
 ANGELS AMONG US Spiritual Poems 2/25/2013
 My Everything Love 2/18/2013
 God's Glorious Gift Spiritual Poems 2/18/2013
 Ease Your Mind Spiritual Poems 2/18/2013
 A Lazy Summer Day Misc 7/18/2012
 Summers at the Shore Misc 6/7/2012
 The Beauty of Water Nature 6/6/2012
 A Prayer for All Spiritual Poems 5/22/2012
 Salute to Soldiers Poems To Our Troops 5/20/2012
 For the Soldiers Poems To Our Troops 5/20/2012
 Happy Mother's Day to my Mother In Law Holiday Poems 5/13/2012
 The Sunset Nature 5/11/2012
 Life Insight 5/11/2012
 Solitude Insight 5/11/2012
 You are the One Love 5/11/2012
 Do Not Fear the Future Spiritual Poems 5/11/2012
 Jesus' Love Spiritual Poems 5/4/2012
 Eyes of the Lord Spiritual Poems 5/4/2012
 I Know Spiritual Poems 5/4/2012

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Praise God

Praise God

Praise you God for being in the middle of the storm
Praise you God for protecting us and surrounding us with Angels
Praise thee oh God for going before us keeping us safe from harm
Praise you oh God for removing storms in our way

Thank you oh God for laying
Your almighty hand upon us and
Protecting us through the night
Thank you God for awakening us
In the morning so that we may rise to see yet another day

Praising you for the beauty that
You create for us, sunrises, sunsets,
Rainbows, the list goes on
For reminding us that your hand is in everything
You are an artist, your sky is like a canvas you paint on for all of us to see and enjoy

Through the devastation you send miracles we alone do not understand, only you and Jesus can make them happen

You send us heroes and soldiers
To help us through these troubled times, they too come in many forms

Praising your name the almighty one, our protector through all things

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