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 Natures joys Friends 8/30/2016
 Hop on my wings Childrens Poetry 8/29/2016
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 Poetry Inspirational Poems 8/18/2016
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 Made for you I Love You 8/16/2016
 Cute puppies Childrens Poetry 8/16/2016
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 Walking along the beach Inspirational Poems 8/15/2016
 Lilacs Cinquain 8/14/2016
 Serene colours Cinquain 8/13/2016
 Hurray it is Friday Cinquain 8/12/2016
 Sailboats Cinquain 8/12/2016

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Natures joys

In nature there is so many wonders to see
The beautiful songs of songbirds in the tree

A green little frog that hops on lily pads bright
Butterflies and natures creatures that bring delight

The warmth of the sunshine on a summer time day
Natures animals and fireflies that light they skies when they play

Joys of flowers and wildflowers that bloom with colors softly
On a clear starry night watching the stars shine so bright
That brings such inspiration and joys to see each day

Just for the love of it challenge

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