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  (((A Walk In The Country))) Nature 9/19/2015
  {{{CHERISH))) Misc 7/1/2015
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  (HAPPY DAD'S DAY) Holiday Poems 6/21/2015
  (((Quick As Can Be))) Nature 6/8/2015
  (LOVE IS YOU) Love 6/12/2011
  ((( RESUME ))) Life 11/29/2010
  ((( Love Me Like This ))) Love 9/2/2010
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 ( I Love The Cowboy Path ) Cowboy Poems 7/16/2010
  (((Unbreak My Heart))) Love 7/16/2010
  (My Love Letter) I Love You 7/13/2010
  (A Happy Heart) Insight 2/5/2010
  (((What A Sister Will Do))) Dedications 10/14/2009
  ( My Big Sis) Silly Poems 10/9/2009
  (Internet Love) Love 10/9/2009
  (Your So Divine) Unrequited Love 10/7/2009
  Take Me Unrequited Love 10/7/2009
  (((I'm Dreaming))) Fantasy Poems 10/6/2009
  (((RainDrops))) Life 10/6/2009
 (Happy Birthday Deborah) Birthdays 9/22/2009
  (Happy Birhtday Floreann) Birthdays 9/20/2009
  A Dream Within A Dream Challenge Poems 9/17/2009
  (Picture This Bliss) Love 8/11/2009
 ((( Water My Heart ))) Love 6/5/2009
  ((( You And I ))) Love 6/4/2009
  (((Mended))) Love 6/3/2009
  (((Captured))) Love Gone Bad 5/26/2009
  (((Lovers Delight))) Fantasy Poems 4/17/2009
  (((Sad And Blue))) Love Gone Bad 3/22/2009
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(((A Walk In The Country)))

When I was just a little girl, I was raised in the COUNTRY
Where wild animals insects and reptiles lives so happy and so CAREFREE,
I didn't know what a toilet was or a bathroom just as WELL
But a stream running back behind our house, oh I love it that was SWELL.DAYS,
With lots of things my family and I would do in so many WAYS,
Oh how I miss that walk in the country, especially in the Spring and fall YEAR.
It was getting close to the season of hunting for the DEER.

Now that I'm all grown and in the city I LIVE,
I have such wonderful thoughtful friends that truly love to GIVE,
They are all special to me that I love each one a BUNCH,
That we spend special times together, taking turns treating each other over LUNCH.

So as I take this journey each DAY,
I'll treat each day very special, in my own WAY,
I thank you Lord for skies of blue, and even skies of GRAY.
I thank you Lord for this special DAY, With nothing more to SAY.

The End
By (Halfpint)

a challenge from Starlight1 (A WALK IN THE COUNTRY)

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