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 Another New Year, Another Chance At Life Life 12/29/2017
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 I Am In A Fix! Misc 11/16/2016
 A Cornucopia Love 11/3/2016
 Will Goes A Long Way! Misc 10/25/2016
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Another New Year, Another Chance At Life

Leaving the past year has nothing to do with future.
It is about ones attitude towards lifeís force.
One can make it or break it as easily.

New Year is a mystery, just like a Christmas present.
The thrill is in waiting for the unborn days!
Till then, you take one day at a time!

I am just a human, fidgeting to see what is awaiting.
Like any of you, I am used to my life, composed.
Knowing well that it could be otherwise!

Let me break the tradition; about New Year promises.
I have already tried them and failed every year.
Now, I have gotten older and wiser!

I know that years pass with or without my decisions !

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