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 Magical Moments! Nature 10/6/2017
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 Thanksgiving Misc 10/15/2016
 Just Fantasise Dedications 9/20/2016
 I Became A Saint?  Misc 9/13/2016
 I Was Ecstatic Misc 9/6/2016
 The Nerve Of Him! Misc 8/9/2016
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Magical Moments!

If you havenít already found it, it is high time;
Just to break away from mundane routine, carefree.

I have created a cozy niche for that purpose,
Which, by the way, doesnít make me penniless.

All I need is to speed up my mental image,
Start dreaming; of places, memories and loves.

I can fly millions of miles instantaneously,
Lingering on best things I have saved miserly.

But, some times, I do get away, far, far away.
I want to have it all; good, better, best and more!

Norway is the place for people of all ages.
Take it from me, once there, your mind never strays

Waves of Atlantic Ocean all around Bergen,
Quietly serenading to lure the boulders abound.

Seductive Fjords crooning in my ears huskily,
Shaking my resolution to wander elsewhere next time!

Norway sure has another magic up its sleeve
Little up north your eyes feast on Aurora Borealis;
Northern lights igniting your inner passion for loveliness.

For Deeny107'S contest: 'Tell me something happy'

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