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Day and Night

Most of us like when it's light we don't like the dark at night
Creatures creep and crawl and fly we can hear their howls and cries
Bats are seen round lampposts bright and sometimes badgers (black and white)
Owls swoop silently on mouses foxes sneak towards hen houses
We are safe and warm at home and sometimes see nocturnals roam
A hedgehog eating insects - yuk! he's harmless, but don't pick him up!
Nocturnal creatures like it best when the sun sets in the west .

After spending night asleep, we awake when sunlight peeps
We diurnals sleep at night, not for us the pale moonlight
If it's early, we can hear the birds' dawn chorus in our ear
They sing to celebrate each morning; we are smiling, stretching, yawning
In daylight, we can see our way (not for us some barn owl's prey)
So like most creatures, and plants too, I like the sun (and so do you)
Night-time creatures' eyes are large, they see in light from moon and stars
Our eyes are smaller, that's because the sun shines brightly down on us.
And even when it's dull and grey, we still have much more light than they
Plants need light or they all die (say 'photosynthesis' -- well, try! )

To finish, all I want to say is 'have a very pleasant day'
But if my poem you didn't like, I wish you all 'Goodbye - GOODNIGHT!'
If you go out after dark, Vampire bats will leave their mark
On your neck - they'll suck your blood; Werewolves prowl your neighbourhood.
And from the local cemetery, Zombies try to block your way
But if you must go out tonight : Off you go! - you'll be alright!

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