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 Today Love 8/17/2019
 From Keshaun Grieving and Loss 9/24/2010
 Eternity I Love You 8/7/2010
 Getting By Love Gone Bad 3/22/2009
 The Embrace...Lost in the Storm Misc 2/20/2009
 Vacation...I guess The Pain of Love 2/19/2009
 Untitled The Pain of Love 2/18/2009
 Letting Go I Love You 2/13/2009
 Your Words The Pain of Love 2/11/2009
 What happened The Pain of Love 2/9/2009
 Wilted Flower The Pain of Love 2/4/2009
 Nothing Else Matters The Pain of Love 1/31/2009
 I'll Never Stop Loving You The Pain of Love 1/13/2009
 Watching Love Gone Bad 7/1/2005
 The Creation Misc 2/6/2003
 Reminiscent I Love You 2/2/2003

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I held your hand, held my breath as you kissed my lips so softly.
I gave my soul to you, entwined with your warmth.
Time stood still hoping to keep tomorrow at bay...
But tomorrow will come, as will many, until another today.

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