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 MANY ASK Misc 9/16/2019
 “WHY CRY” Misc 9/16/2019
 DID YOU? Misc 9/16/2019
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 BIRTH CONTROL Misc 9/4/2019
 ALEXA, ALEXA Misc 9/3/2019
 MERE EXERCISE  Misc 9/3/2019
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Many ask me the question.
‘Why is God spoke of in much verse?’
I’d respond, ‘It isn’t something
That I consciously rehearse.’

To the atheist, this answer
Would be found too incomplete
Because they feel no need
Of ever kneeling at His feet.

When describing love or flowers,
It always comes to me
That, without God’s intervention
Neither one could be.

I cannot leave Him out
While describing a nice day.
He is my beacon, my guide
And, no one can take that away.

So, when asked why reference
To Him is so seldom left out,
It’s because I feel His presence
Everywhere, without a doubt.


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