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 Unchangeable Life 5/19/2017
 Unsettling is my mind. Life 5/18/2017
 Composing my Soup Silly Poems 5/18/2017
 Memories Faded Insight 5/17/2017
 Sea of New Horizons Love 11/16/2012
 Special Box** Inspirational Poems 11/12/2012
 Fallen Tears Grieving and Loss 11/11/2012
 Alone here in Your Arms I Love You 11/8/2012
 Chain of Thoughts Misc 11/7/2012
 Embracing the Darkness Dark Poetry 11/6/2012
 You are my Shadow Love 11/5/2012
 A place... Called Home Insight 11/3/2012
 My Spirit Whispers Gypsy Life 11/3/2012
 When Destiny Calls Inspirational Poems 10/31/2012
 Love Resurrection Collaborations 10/29/2012
 Breaking the Silence Dark Poetry 10/28/2012
 The Reunion Collaborations 10/23/2012
 Seasons of Love Collaborations 4/10/2012
 Misplaced Fairy Fantasy Poems 4/3/2012
 The Sea of Frozen Dreams Fantasy Poems 4/1/2012
 On Rainy Afternoons Insight 3/30/2012
 Spirits Meadow Fairy Fantasy Poems 3/30/2012
 Marriage between the sun and the cloud Short Stories 3/26/2012
 VEXED Short Stories 3/24/2012
 Faded Memories of Winter Insight 3/21/2012
 Samhain Blessings Holiday Poems 10/29/2011
 She Simply Enjoys The Rain Insight 10/28/2011
 In Honor of the New Moon Spiritual Poems 10/27/2011
 Days of Childhood Inspirational Poems 10/26/2011
 Forest of Bliss Spiritual Poems 10/25/2011
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A darkened sky.
Tear drops from my eye.
Clouds left rearranged.
Yet the Valley of sadness still remains...

Streaked with rain.
Deceiving dead weeds hang in the gutters...
Unforgotten is the song it sings.
Cluttering the existence of others

Awakening from a dream.
In the last final hours.
Wanting to scream.
Melancholy Rain just seems...

Where white flowers bloomed.
Filling the valley with perfume.
I long for yesterday.
When things left unsaid seemed...

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