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 Grounded Inspirational Poems 4/9/2015
 In the Beginning Inspirational Poems 6/2/2014
 Days of Thunder Life 5/13/2014
 What eyes cannot see... Love 3/15/2014
 Breath Giver... Life 2/22/2014
 How Bear Lost His Tail Life 11/3/2013
 The tale of three Life 10/20/2013
 Nature's Coat Inspirational Poems 10/14/2013
 Spirit Coat of Bear People Life 10/10/2013
 Spirit Coat of Little Owl Life 10/9/2013
 'Spirit Coat of Fox People' Life 10/8/2013
 How the Fawn Got Its Spots Life 10/4/2013
 The Legend of Little Flower Dedications 9/28/2013
 White Eagle Dedications 9/23/2013
 Trail of Tears Life 9/22/2013
 Ghost Dance Spiritual Poems 9/10/2013
 The legend of the Dream Catcher Life 9/8/2013
 She waits Life 8/30/2013
 Mahto learns to fish Life 8/25/2013
 Prairie Rose Life 8/14/2013
 The Willow and the Wind Life 7/25/2013
 Winds of Time Spiritual Poems 7/1/2013
 Where the sun prepares to sleep Life 6/29/2013
 Ride the Winds Life 4/22/2013
 Whipping post, Insight 4/9/2013
 Symphony of Life Dedications 4/6/2013

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Sometimes for a man to find his heart, and remember who he is
he must first remove the moccasins from his feet...


for Little Owl

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