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 Natural Wonder Nature 11/5/2018
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 flight Haiku 8/7/2018
 heron's nest Haiku 8/7/2018
 autumn Haiku 8/7/2018
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Natural Wonder

earth is a natural wonder, with all of her
scenery and sights,
her forests, rivers and mountains, from valleys
up to her heights ;
the greenery a genuine eden, majestic, tranquil
and serene,
with treasures to witness and cherish, the best
to ever be seen.

we're blessed to live on this planet, a place that's
truly unique,
a haven rich with great treasures, all we need do
is to seek ;
a true home for us humans, where we're free to live
and to dwell,
with all of its' wonder and grandeur, we must fall
under its' spell.

life on this earth is so splendid, amazingly touched
with such grace,
we live in a wonderful paradise, the perfect
home for our race ;
life enduring around us, is rich in its' beauty and
all around this great treasure, our heritage and
magic outplays.

there is so much to be thankful for, just being right
here on the earth,
we must relish the beauty around us, enjoying for
all that it's worth ;
let's protect our environment, fighting all forms of
instead of being the problem, let us be the

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