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Lovers' Heaven

Loversí Heaven

By Adria Martin

Some people dream of love
To come upon them like a thunder
Something cosmic,
Something once in a life time,
To sweep them off their feet
To possess them, to embrace them,
To enslave them totally,
Absolutely, for ever.

And some do, oh, they do,
They live the time of their life
Letting passion devour them,
Climbing, enchained, in haste
On the stairway
To the loversí heaven.

And suddenly they drop back!
What a cruel feeling,
How many bruises left
On the heart, suddenly cold,
Suddenly confused
Of what love isÖ
Of what the loved one is like.

Why is this?
Sometimes is because
Weíre not in love with ourselves.
In order to remain
In the loverís heaven,
You have to be in love
With yourself.
Yes, yourself.
Itís the first step to
A romantic, lasting love.
If you donít love your self
You canít be so unfair
To ask someone else
To absolutely love you:
You know, I kind of hate myself,
But see if you can love me
This way!

The day youíll become lovable,
Lovable enough
To be in love with yourself
Youíre really ready
To be in love
With another.
You are really ready
For the Loverís Heaven.

February 7 2011

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