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 Once Summertime has Died Misc 6/26/2014
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  'Someone's Child' Dedications 8/29/2012
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Once Summertime has Died

As wind driven clouds pass golden moons,
And stars the portholes to distant worlds.
While bathing in a sea of thoughtless ruins,
I'll scribble on the canvas of memories unfurled.

Staring at the streetlights reflective stand,
Showing pictures on the pavement of places to hide.
Will my shadows obey my every command, while,
Walking to a school-yard with dream-clouds by my side.

Touching each finger, while counting each step,
Awaiting music re-tune a world that I pine.
With innocent dreaming my appetite to whet,
Crushed by the screaming of this never ending line.

Turn off that golden moon, and all the dreams that reign,
And when those stars to distant worlds subside,
Switch off all streetlights, no shadows must remain,
'Tis then I'll take my leave, Once Summertime has Died

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