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Catgirl Hunt

A Story

By Mikhael H. Bernaldez

“If I were a superhero… I would chase a catgirl.”
- Mikhael H. Bernaldez



“A catgirl is a female with cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human body.”

Mimi, the catgirl, did not look different from ordinary girls at first glance. She was of normal build for a girl of her apparent age, sported long silky crimson hair of ambivalent curliness and straightness typical of redheads who want to look as cool or as hot as possible these days, and she wore attractive yet quite ordinary set of clothes that any other teenaged girl aspiring for youthful beauty would choose to wear.

Beneath the innocent façade of her seemingly humane physical normality, however, lay dormant awe-inspiring superhuman powers more destructive and intimidating than anyone could ever imagine. Her cat ears, for one, which often were kept snuggly hidden beneath her crown of pure reddish magnificence, could stop a man dead on track when shown to him, and compel him to seek a reevaluation of his perceptional and psychological well-being, (to check whether he’s gone mad and seeing things, obviously) which sometimes could lead to the person’s catastrophic social self-destruction. Mimi did not know how many people’s lives she had ruined just by showing them her cat ears accidentally, (try imagining yourself being talked to by a three-eyed alien today, and you’ll understand just how destructive the sight of Mimi’s inhuman ears could be to the human mind) but she knew that, if she did, her counts would outweigh the number of stars that a normal person could see in a clear night sky - she had lived for very long, perhaps lived since long before the dawn of the modern era, and therefore had met many more people than most people had the chance to meet, which would precisely be the reason why her cat ears would have procreated a lot of mayhem among a lot of people. She had to patiently practice keeping her ears withdrawn even under pressure, such as when extremely agitated, so that they would not interfere with her meager day-to-day socialization efforts at inopportune times.

Putting aside the destructive psychological effect that the sight of cat ears could impart on a normal person’s psyche, Mimi’s cat ears were also useful as hearing devices, because they were, after all, still ears. Basically, she had four ears in total; two human ears on the sides of her head situated where human ears normally would be, and two cat ears seated atop her head. Since she had to hide and muffle her cat ears when living as a human during the day, she heard using her cat ears only at night – when she hunted for food in closed supermarkets, for example, (usually for canned fish) she could pick up the sound of the footsteps of anyone approaching the site of her burglary from many distances away, buying her enough time to run away before they could see her.

Her cat ears weren’t the only supernatural equipment that she had that helped her steal food from closed and tightly locked-down stores. When she was born as a catgirl, she also inherited the typical athletic finesse, grace and dexterity that every cat normally possessed, only amplified by an order of magnitude. She could exert an inhumanly disproportionate amount of body strength as compared to her seemingly average girlish physique, and she could also jump, run, tumble and flip faster and more gracefully than any normal human, acrobats and gymnasts included – just like cats. For her size, she’d be as strong and deadly as a fully grown mother panther.

Her large plethora of superhuman powers was exactly what helped her ransack yet another unfortunate store tonight. Or rather, it was supposed to.

From her concealed position from across a street by the corner, Mimi eyed the bespectacled young man seated by the cashier’s counter of a supermarket. He was reading a book entitled Radar Game: Understanding Stealth and Aircraft Survivability; even at this distance, picking out words from the cover of the book was no problem for her cat’s eyes. The book didn’t seem very interesting to her. Mimi, inwardly dismissing her lack of comprehension of the underlying context of the book’s title, proceeded to scrutinize the physical profile of the man himself instead.

She thought he was quite big for a human on this side of the globe, the Eastern Hemisphere; he was a head taller than she was, nearly reaching 6 feet, and probably weighed twice as much as she did, if his broad shoulders and chests were any indication. By no standards was he a giant of a man, but given that the average height of an adult male human in the East was supposed to be around five-and-a-half feet, an Asian male of this stature was certainly hard to come by.

After momentarily studying the man’s framed face to evaluate his physical attractiveness, and reaffirming once again that human males after all would not excite her, Mimi, still outside the store peering at the man at the counter through the transparent glass walls, considered her options against this incidental adversary seated before her. He was bigger than she expected a male who’d potentially bar her here to be, and likely stronger than most humans she was used to bullying around. That of course didn’t mean that this man could possibly overpower her in any way – after all, she was a superhuman, supposedly more physically powerful and capable than any human. She was as agile as those spotted wild cats found in the American jungles and as strong as the tigers living high up in the Himalayan range. She’d be able to physically beat this man into submission and reduce him into a cry baby and have a meal of her life tonight, or that’s what she thought. No, she wasn’t planning to eat the man; she was going to eat canned tuna today, her favorite menu. She didn’t think human meat were too palatable.

The man looked at the clock behind him. It was almost 11 pm, well past the curfew hour, a time when most residents are expected to be asleep. Deciding that his shift was almost over, he stood up and shut down the cashier’s computer, picked up what looked to be his school bag from another chair by the wall behind him, and shoved his mysterious book inside. He looked ready to go home and call it a day.

The reason why Mimi decided to commit burglary today was because she couldn’t spend money for buying food. Indeed, being a superhuman could change one’s perception of her responsibility as a human being, because, well, she’s not quite human. But it wasn’t really her overpowering superhuman survival abilities – at least from the human perspective – that motivated her to breach the fundamental social norms required to survive as a social human being; in reality, until quite recently, she was able live pretty much like any other lawful member of the human society, toiling and working to earn money just like anyone else. It was actually for another reason that she had to break laws that day.

Since a few years ago, she was constantly hunted by some super-heroic personalities hell-bent on incapacitating selected superhuman specimens like her. Why they were doing that, she didn’t know, and she didn’t really care. What was important was that, the way they followed her around, trying to hurt her, kept her from living a normal lifestyle any longer - having a house to return to and working in a workplace, to be precise. She had no permanent address, and she couldn’t work because she had move around everyday to avoid her stalkers. She was basically a hobo without the means to earn money. To eat, she had to steal.

Mimi understood that, in order not to be compromised by the law that punished acts of theft, she must not be seen here nor leave any incriminating evidences of her presence. She knew she couldn’t forcefully break into the store once it had locked down; no matter how strong cats and catgirls were compared to their sizes, even a tiger would be hard-pressed to breach a metal accordion door once it’s firmly in place, especially without having her attempts heard by anyone close-by. The noise will wake the entire neighborhood, she knew. She would have to get inside the store before the man closed down the store, and she must not let him see her. She would sneak up behind him and knock him unconscious before he knew what happened.

She looked at the man again through the glass. He wouldn’t have noticed her looking at him from here; she was too far out and it was already too dark at night for human eyes to easily spot her, despite the auburn illumination provided by streetlights. He now carried his bag on his back and had put a jacket on. He would be coming out at any moment; she was ready to pounce at the first opportunity.

The man stepped out of the counter picking up what looked to be a portfolio and a key from the worktop on the way. He then turned off the lights of the store, and headed towards his exit. She smacked her lips in anticipation. He was now by the glass door. He pushed it outward, stepped outside, and turned back to lock the door. That was when she struck.

Chapter 1

It was nearly 11 pm when I looked at the clock behind me. I had worked for almost 4 hours; I would be paid enough money to eat proper meals tomorrow. My everyday routine dictated that I visited the owner of the store every night after my shift to report the closure of the store today. I would give the owner the record of purchases for that day and receive my payment. I would then go home and sleep, and attend school the next morning for my Applied Physics classes.

With all those thoughts whirring in my head, I went out of the supermarket and turned to lock the store’s glass door. As I tried to insert the store’s key into the keyhole, however, I sensed something was wrong; no, I didn’t sense it – I saw it. Reflected upon the glass of the now darkened supermarket was a solitary female-looking assailant coming right at me to do something which I surmised would be quite hurtful – I had no reason to believe that anyone charging at me with such fervor and momentum had kind intentions in mind. Just before my attacker reached me, I managed to duck below her punch.


Her punch impacted the glass door and inflicted structural damage enough to dent a crack on it. I immediately rolled out of the way and stood up to face my assailant. Momentarily etched all over her pretty face was an expression of pure astonishment and disbelief. She probably didn’t expect me to dodge it. An immediate second after, she lunged again, powerfully, this time right for my head. I had no plan of willingly living even just a few days of my life with a cracked skull. I naturally backpedaled to avoid her tiny arm’s reach. Her balled hand reached out. I took one step backward, and she missed. She jabbed at me again with the other arm. I stepped back and she missed again, although this time she came a lot closer to my face.

I saw then that her sudden attacks put her slightly off-balance. Taking the opportunity to mount a counterstrike before she could make another attempt at inflicting me bodily harm, I reached out with my own right arm and grabbed hold of her outstretched left arm. I pushed her arm upward, stepped within the range of her arm, grabbed a handful of her blouse with my left arm, held her up, and pressed her against the glass of the supermarket.

I realized my mistake a second after as her own legs heaved against my chest, with rather too much force for a girl like her, pushing me away and knocking me off my feet. For a while there I lay on the street floor utterly dumbfounded at her legs’ surprising strength. I soon found the impulse to stand up again, however. Adrenaline was now seriously kicking in, filling my body with the will to fight, or run. Out the corner of my eye as I stood up and regained my balance I saw her breaking rest of her way in deep into the shop. For a moment, I considered my options. I could try to follow her and potentially have my face broken for real this time as she ambushed me from the darkness inside. Or I could just stay out and wait for her to come out. I’d call the police then. I could hear the girl ransacking the place now.

I wisely chose the latter option and whipped out my cellular phone from my pocket. As I held my phone up to punch in the number to call the police, she came right back out and charged at me once more, With her pockets apparently full with some canned goods.

I tried to move out of the way to avoid her attack. No, rather, I wanted to. But I couldn’t. Something I saw kept me glued to where I stood.

“Cat ears,”

I whispered. I immediately recognized her for what she was - a catgirl. I didn’t quite know how I could so quickly arrive at such a conclusion, but right now, there was no time to ponder. In light of this new piece of information – the information that she was a catgirl, a superhuman – that was made available to me, I immediately changed my outlook of the situation and altered my plans accordingly.

She was still charging at me. This time, I didn’t try to dodge.

Gripping tightly the key that I secured within my pocket as I scrambled away from her first assault, I aimed for her neck. I hit her.

Blood droplets splashed against my jacket.

Chapter 2

A sense of extreme pain she had not felt for many years laid siege on her consciousness. She sensed the source of the pain to be an object lodged on her neck; it seemed to have obliterated her ability to speak. She could not make a sound. She closed her eyes and gripped the object that perforated her windpipe. Biting down the scream welling inside her, she pulled at the object. Blood came spurting out. Her hands immediately went up to cover the hole. She had difficulty breathing.

The man in front of her lay prone on the ground cradling his bloodied face. She remembered hitting his face on his glasses. His broken eyeglasses lay beside him, and the blood from his face was slowly staining the asphalt red. Her own blood was leaking away too, faster than his was. Her blood looked as red as her hair.

She must run. She must seek shelter and stem the blood pouring out from the orifice on her neck, and she must do so quickly. Lack of blood was already making her dizzy, and she started to feel cold. Leaving the man where he lay in his stupor, she climbed a wall that separated the street from the residential area and walked along it. She leaped off the wall onto a rooftop, leaped off to the next one, trying to put as much distance between her and the site of the disastrous brawl as possible. All the while her leakage trailed behind her, both blood and cans.

When Mimi regained her senses after the initial panic, she found herself curled up among piles of trash. She didn’t know exactly how much time had passed, but the sky was already beginning to lighten up. Her bleeding had stopped, and her superhuman regeneration ability already closed up the wound. The injury will not trouble her much longer. But she now had a new problem to deal with.

“You knocked me out real good back there.”

The man she toiled against in front of the supposedly ill-fated supermarket leaned against a dumpster in front of her a few yards away. He looked fine except for a small cut above his left eyebrow, and there were still blood stains on the side of his face. He was not wearing his eyeglasses.

“Stay away from me,” said Mimi right away, shakily getting back on her feet. The man took a step closer to her.

“How did you… follow me here?” asked Mimi. She stood her ground.

“Your blood,” answered the man matter-of-factly, “I followed the trail.”

“What are you?” asked Mimi again, eyeing the distance between the man and her.

“A superhuman, I could be. Just like you.” answered the man.

“What are you going to do to me now?” right now, she had no wish to sound too scared. She tried to keep her voice calm.

“I was wondering about that too,” he shrugged his shoulders. “It seems you can speak the language here. Have you stayed here long?” He asked.

“Quite a while,” replied Mimi.

“Your name?”

“Mimi,” said Mimi.

“Mimi, why did you rob the store?” asked the man again.

“I just wanted something to eat,” answered Mimi, “And tell me your name too.”

“People who know me call me ‘Casper’. You don’t need to know my real name. I bet your ‘Mimi’ isn’t your real name either.”

“I have no other name.” said Mimi truthfully.

“Whatever. You know what you did was wrong, right? You know you caused me a lot of trouble. You did something that you shouldn’t have done. I don’t like you doing that.”

“So what are you going to do?” challenged Mimi. Now that she was back on her feet, she felt a little braver. If this Casper lunged at her again, she would be prepared. She would not be taken off-guard like a while ago.

“I’m going to ask you to come with me to clean up the store.” stated Casper directly.

For a while she just stood there. Evidently, what she expected him to do, or say, wasn’t this. He wanted her to come clean up the store. She broke the supermarket’s glasses and totally obliterated the meticulous arrangement of the shelves inside. He punctured her neck and she broke his face. They held a cat-and-mouse chase all night. Now all he wanted from her was a cleaning job. She didn’t find his words too convincing.

“Why should I help you clean the store?” her mischievous feline personality was showing itself. She decided to play with him for a bit.

“Because you ransacked it, you are responsible, and you should do as I ask because that’s the least troublesome thing that can happen between us.” said Casper rather seriously.

Mimi didn’t think it would be a good idea to make fun of him too much, if the man’s continued seriousness was any indication. One thing that bothered her though was the possibility that he might come back on her later and have her somehow hurt or detained. After all, she caused him, and the society to which he seemed to be integrated into, a lot of trouble last night. He had all the reasons to do something bad to her, and he had all the means. All he needed doing was to tell the law enforcement authorities the truth – the truth of her deeds and the burglary incident, and the evidences will prove him correct. Mimi had no reason to believe that he would choose to let go of such an opportunity to justly punish someone who had done him so many wrongs.

“I don’t want to do it. I don’t want anything to do with you. You are scaring me and I’m scared that you are going to hurt me eventually.” said Mimi a little shakily to accentuate her concerns. If her sudden expression of fear troubled him, Casper didn’t show it.

“So, what are you going to do?” asked Casper.

“I’m going to run away.”

“I might really hurt you if you do that.” warned Casper.

“Just leave me alone.” shot back Mimi, now slightly irate. “I’m hungry…” complained Mimi to no one in particular. She was really starving… she felt like she could eat paper by now.

Casper threw something at her. Her first reaction was to evade it, thinking it to be some sort of weapon. When she saw it clearly for an instant, however, by virtue of her sharp cat eyes, she knew it wasn’t. It was actually a can of tuna. She took it instead.

“There’s no way I could have poisoned the food. Go ahead and eat.”

She just stared at him for a moment, not knowing what to make of this new development of events. Why would he do this?

“Go on,” Casper gently urged Mimi, noticing her hesitant behavior. She was positively hungry now. She really wanted to eat.

“Um, don’t look…” she turned away from him as she opened her can. For some reason, she didn’t want him to witness her primal way of eating.

She grabbed bits of tuna and shoved them into her mouth, and began her impromptu feast. It was delicious. She looked over her shoulder at Casper for a moment. He was still looking at her. What the hell was he doing? I told him not to look! Mimi was now feeling irritated and embarrassed at the same time.

“Don’t look!” yapped Mimi through a half-full mouth. Casper dutifully moved his eyes up to look at the pale early morning sky instead. The eastern sky steadily began to stain itself pink.

She didn’t know when Casper would look at her and embarrass her again. She sped up her eating process. After the last chunks of fish meat were within her mouth and had passed through her esophagus, she put the can away, and…

“Um, napkin…” Mimi began to inquire uncertainly.

“You’d normally clean yourself with your tongue, right?” joked Casper.

“No, I wouldn’t!” even as she said that, she felt the mad urge to lick the remaining scraps of food off her fingers then and there. And at the same time, she didn’t want to.

“I have no napkins,” admitted Casper, “but I’m not going to look.” Casper promised then turned away.

She waited for a while to see if he’d turn back to look at her again. He didn’t. Deciding that she could trust his word, she licked at her fingers quickly, and cleaned them off the sides of her skirt. She wondered how many times she had been doing this now. Was she going to smell like fish? Silently gazing at the laconic superhuman standing before her, she suddenly felt compelled to get a new skirt to wear sometime.

She looked at Casper again for a moment. Right now, he had his back on her. If she decided to run now, he’d not notice her treacherous exodus for quite awhile. She was quite confident that she could get away from him this time; she was a catgirl, after all, a superhuman who is as fast and nimble as any cats can be.

What Mimi was truly wary about, however, was not what would happen right then if she tried to escape; she was more concerned about what would happen afterward. Being angered that she got away from him, Casper would report her to the human authorities and have her hunted down no matter where she would go. She didn’t think that would bode too well for her daily traveling; wherever she went, she would be impeded. It will be harder for her to mingle with the crowd, and she’d have to be careful around people who are connected to law enforcement.

But what if she went with him? Would he stab her in the back and make her bite the dust? Would he not even try kill her himself, or hurt her very badly, when she wasn’t expecting it? He almost did so anyway awhile ago… She looked again at the empty can that she discarded after her meal.

He gave her a can of tuna. Perhaps, he really knew that she was going to be hungry. Why else would he trouble himself to pick up and bring her a can of tuna with him? He had a lot of chances to assail her too, first when she was unconscious, and once more when she was preoccupied with her breakfast. But he didn’t do anything to her. Maybe, just maybe, this person wasn’t really that kind of evil person that her self-protective self made him out to be. Perhaps he indeed could just be asking for reparation for the damage she had wrought… Mimi was now at a loss whether to run away or submit herself to this seemingly benevolent superhuman’s dictations.

Casper looked over his shoulder. Mimi was still there. He turned to face her again.

“You didn’t run. Does this mean you are coming with me?” asked Casper. What the hell, so he was expecting her to run, huh? He must have been trying to look all calm and self-righteous. Well, it didn’t impress me! Mimi was feeling like saying ‘Hmph!’ right now.

“You are still worried that I’m going to hurt you somehow, right?” pressed on Casper.

“Yeah.” replied Mimi simply. Casper already knew what her dilemma precisely was. Now he would obviously try to persuade her that her misgivings are misplaced, that he meant her no harm, that he only harbors good intentions. Some part of her felt that she could trust him. Her other part, the more protective, narcissistic part of her, said she couldn’t. She shouldn’t want to put herself in a compromising position wherein her safety depended on other people’s unreliable commitment.

The fundamental remaining question that she now entertained was: is Casper truly an unreliable, untrustworthy person?

“I want a friend,” said Casper suddenly.

“I want Mimi as my friend.” Casper said again.

It was as if every biological activities taking place within her body had temporarily ceased their life-sustaining operations. Time seemed to flow in quantum-mechanical relativistic quantities. The entire molecular existence of the catgirl named Mimi appeared to be stuck in historical limbo.

“…What?” Time started flowing again. Mimi knew she heard him clearly. She knew her four ears didn’t deceive her. But she still couldn’t believe what he said. All this time, Mimi lived without a proper friend, while always having longed for one. Now, right here, stood someone who knew exactly what she was, who was superhuman just like her, who said he wanted to be her friend. It sounded so miraculous that it was so difficult to believe. Did she have any particular reason not to say this wasn’t some sort of trick, to put her even more off-guard? He could be lying. It wouldn’t be too difficult for him to do that. Already Mimi was feeling very uncertain of herself.

Mimi’s feline personality so accentuated to the survivalist way of living could not properly comprehend the logical chain of thought that could explain the sudden shift of social behavior in this man called Casper. She couldn’t see how “I want you to clean up my store” could lead to “I want you to be my friend.”

“You want me to be your friend, even after I ransacked your store?” Mimi managed to ask through the ache of her addled brain.

“Such transgressions can be forgiven,” Casper shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “But I’d like it if my friend cleaned up the store too…”

“But you almost killed me!” Mimi was grabbing at straws now, wondering what the hell ‘transgression’ meant.

“No, I didn’t… I knew you wouldn’t die. I know catgirls are stronger than they look. See, you are alive now. But if it still hurt you, I’ll say now that I’m sorry.” Casper spoke in a bewilderingly calm tone in quick but measured succession. Mimi still wasn’t sure whether to believe him though… poor Mimi.

“I would not hurt you again if you were to be my friend…” trailed Casper.

“Why do you want me to be your friend?” Mimi just had to ask.

“It’s difficult for me to relate with normal humans. Isn’t it the same for you? Don’t you want a friend also?”

“You are not wrong.” Mimi admitted. She also wanted a friend too. She dearly wanted one; it’s been so long since she had someone dependable to rest her shoulders against. No humans could ever provide the superhuman Mimi with that kind of solace and comfort, she knew. Humans are vile scums who cannot adapt to nor learn to accept the existence of superior beings like her. They were wretched beings indeed, always wishing to gain total dominance and superiority over those who they perceived were inferior to them…

But, Casper… he was no normal human, no normal person. Could she really find in Casper a companion she could truly trust? No, a simpler question… could Casper really become her friend - a good friend?

“…Prove to me that you’ll be my friend, and that you’ll not hurt me.” implored Mimi to Casper.

“Friendship requires no proof, Mimi.” answered Casper solemnly. He didn’t say anything else.

“You can’t expect me to believe that!” Mimi deplored Casper’s reply. And yet, she somehow felt she could believe him. No, it would be more correct to say that she wanted to believe him. She feared that her eagerness to earn a friend at this moment was impairing her sense of judgment.

“You could try.” stated Casper simply.

“Everything you are saying… they are not helping you become my friend at all.” Now Mimi was looking for a means to stall this conversation. She needed a few moments to regain her composure and collect her thoughts. It was utterly astounding how such a few generous phrases could drive her human-and-cat bipolar mind totally out of tangent. She needed the world to stop spinning for a while. Mimi had to get a grip on herself…

Casper didn’t say anything in response. He just stood there patiently waiting for whatever she was going to say next. For all he knew, this world was totally devoid of any serious happenchance and it’s going to remain that way ever after. For all she knew, this world was full of problems, and guys like him didn’t help her solve them at all. Casper was just adding to them… his mere laconic presence and silent offer of indubitable companionship only aggravated the restless sense of longing that she was feeling right now.

To think of just how this extraordinary meeting came to take place right in front of her was already beyond the reach of Mimi’s ability at conceptual imagination. It was just too fortunate that, after so many years of seclusion and isolated living, someone suddenly decided to become her friend today. The fact that this incomprehensible, unbelievable, life-changing coincidence decided to pass her by… was totally stupefying. What if she didn’t meet Casper today? What if she didn’t rob the store that night? What would have happened to her then by now? Was this a chance that she’d regret letting go forever?

Screw it, Mimi thought finally. Those kinds of difficult considerations can wait. She still had another more urgent necessity to take care of, one that needed to be addressed before any complex decision making could be undertaken.

“I’m going to ask for something...” ventured Mimi.

“What is it?” Casper accommodated her.

Mimi suddenly went pink. The sight of her face blushing seemed to amuse Casper too; his eyebrows went up a few millimeters. Mimi felt shier than ever.

“Um, may I have… another can?”


‘Meow!’’ a cat mimicked her from somewhere nearby.


Catgirl Hunt, a short story written by Mikhael H. Bernaldez, explores the profound world of human emotions to cull the most basic but significantly important element of friendship --- TRUST. The conflict in the plot lies with the pitting of roles between Mimi, the catgirl, and Casper, the store clerk. It turned out that both were superhumans, which made the story a fiction but personifying true human feelings and emotions from a unique perspective that most of us are not accustomed to. The story’s utilization of a superhumanity complex was important to establish a deus ex machinima justification for the character’s inhumanly behavior.

Mimi got hungry and, just any feline used to do, went to a supermarket to steal canned tuna. But, Casper, the store clerk, was manning the store so the catgirl had to hurt him to be able to realize her mission. Hence the two had an exchange of blows, which hurt them both and rendered them bleeding.

Despite what happened, Casper offered friendship. His offering of a can of tuna spoke volumes of the desire to be trusted. Mimi was suspicious, much more a trait of a cat than a human. But her suspicion died out when she realized that Casper was being honest and genuine. When she asked for another can of tuna, Casper knew that she has acceded.
The story brings home the lesson that trust cannot be gained if one is insincere or dishonest. Genuine intentions can be detected by cats as much as by humans. They can realize when one is trustworthy.
Trust, it seems, has become a very rare commodity nowadays in the social milieu that reeks of conflict and confrontation. Nonetheless, we don’t need fiction to prove that trust can still be found in the realm of consciousness of humanity. Accidentally or not, the author wrote in fiction the story of two creatures to show that trust is still a much-needed staple of life. Herein lies the bottom line of this story---trust can still be found even in dangerous situations, never mind of one has to find it in scenes of crime; that’s possible. Trust, too, can be found in the most unexpected places at an unexpected time.


Catgirl Hunt

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