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Someone Else

A cloud within my mind
blinds and shines in focusing
causing lines to cut and blur
spinning my head into this whir
of emotion and feeling all around me
not comprehended
Something stands inside me
broken and frozen
trying to understand a way to be understood
the way to break free
of so many chains
and generations of guilt
clinging, sticking to my every whim
While this gripping, empty sadness inside
it spreads deep like roots of a tree
lapping at insecurities
An epic battle from within
of hope and sadness
grace and madness
while the monster inside feeds
as I pray for release
but none comes
Not in my slipping subconsciousness
Not in the deepening darkening night
tossing and turning with an ill mind
It whispers a lacking from within
there is no way from which to begin again
As the moon's beams break through the glass
lying softly, gratefully
a hope of incredible depth
overcame me with acceptance of the dark
but none came
Continually stuck in limbo
between being a being
and living for breathing
wanting to be heard
but not finding a meaning
I question myself
and the outreach I'm seeding
The lack of importance is overwhelming
the truth of it echoing, yelling
reverberating into my bones
causing movement in waves
uncovering the undeniable need
to be someone else, somewhere else

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