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 My Invisible Mask Childrens Poetry 12/2/2010
 School Days Childrens Poetry 12/28/2008
 For the Beautiful Lady Unrequited Love 12/26/2008
 Listen to Me, Boy The Pain of Love 12/26/2008

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My Invisible Mask

I was once sad and lonely,
Having no friends to comfort me.
So I wore a mask that looked nice and pretty;
It made me look cool and happy.

Before long, I had many friends.
With my mask, I really looked cool!
But later on, I felt really wrong--
Because I knew, I was really a fool!

Nobody could see my cries,
For I designed my mask to be smiling.
Nobody could see my pain,
For I designed my mask to be lying.

Beneath my smiles were tears;
And behind all the joy was sadness.
Everything you think you see
Was not everything there was to me.

Finally, I removed my mask.
Being myself was an easy task!
After doing this, more friends I earned.
Confidence in myself is what I have learned.

(P.S. I made this poem in 2004, when I was in 5th grade. Someone I know posted parts of this poem on another site though.)

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