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A Call for Rebellion Fellow Poets!

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue


Is that SERIOUSLY what people perceive poetry to be?
Write words down that sound nice
That make us say
'Aw isn't that so cute?'

Thats pathetic.

Tug at the heartstrings
Make'm shocked
Imprint your command of the English vocabulary into their la-di-da minds

Y'all know what I'm talking about
We are all poets here

Poetry has been made to be a game for happy thoughts only
Write a love poem
It's not controversial
It's simple

Put down what you feel
Not what the general population says what's okay
We as writers need to challenge the way of life

Fight against the old regime of poetry
Say what you KNOW will make people's hearts skip a beat
Demand attention with powerful words

Poets came about to express the truth in the world
Expose the nakedness of raw life
Stand up and do what we were created for
And let's put a stop to covering up our harsh reality.

Anybody with me?

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