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 We’ll Meet Again Misc 10/17/2019
 October Aspen (Repost for Challenge) Challenge Poems 10/16/2010

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We’ll Meet Again

I came to visit but a while,
my time cut short – I had to go.
Remember me, please, with a smile
yet do not fear that your tears show.

Your tears and smiles can help explain
who I was – what I meant to you.
Right now I know you’re feeling pain
but time will ease the hurt, it’s true.

We never how when our time’s done
so make the most of ev’ry day.
With friends and fam’ly keep it fun
whether at work or home or play.

I know that you are missing me –
oh – please don’t shed your tears in vain.
My heart’s at peace, my soul is free,
one day, my friend, we’ll meet again.

Written for a co-worker who suddenly lost her best friend, road trip pal and retired co-worker.

Nita G Isenhour
October 15, 2019

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