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 Sable Intruder Love Gone Bad 5/26/2009
 Used To It Current Events 3/10/2008
 Hearts Inferno The Pain of Love 1/21/2008

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Sable Intruder

'She is an implement of illusion, Soliciting only her distress,
Her eyes are a forbidding collision, Prevailing by hair so mysterious,
With Vile bronzed skin hence contagious, An appearance so pale,
She progresses like a serpent in the meadow, Smoothly, Unbroken, Almost surreal,
He saunters unhindered into the darkness, As he senses her force, Domination,
She boldly allures his innocence, Without hesitation, It appears a fatal combination,
Though Blindly with sensitivity, Spirit, He stumbles over tears of omission,
He Will strive to render her anything, As to sow his seeds of tradition,

Sister reiterates that, Purely true love awaits, As he is still consequently so young,
Still he eludes her blood wrenched warning, She fears it is far too late,
The sunlight greets the morning, To see his precious heart break,
Mama warns her beloved son, The Sable Intruder will break Your heart,
His karma yearns for truth to come, Her rhythm blues will tear him apart,
Mama warns My innocent son, This raven gatecrasher, Will fracture your core,
Though you cannot kick the habit, Run, Once she begins her game, You crave for more,
I tell you my, Virtuous child, She is the one, Who, Practiced the art of deception,

Her brush will paint a red canvas of fire, Like a dark shadow against, The hazy vault of heaven,
Female ruler of the jester, All dressed up to buy the farm,
She will not hesitate to pester, Her spell corrupts a, Clown in harm,
She whispers a disguise of magic, Smugly she smirks at his dreams,
He believes it should be beloved it is not what it, Seems,
Sister says, She will leave you miles from nowhere, Without a home to rest,
She will abandon you high, Dry, As he searches for his quest,
The terrifying wind howls, Mama sits, Pleads, The evil she-devil lover chants sour,

While his heart slowly bleeds, He dances a circle to Behold her,
Does not encounter a reason, With nothingness remaining, Except an insane desire to scold her,
Daughter says, Mama, Please teach son, For honorable love he needs to wait,
Mama replies, Daughter, He will not apprehend our warning, Until it is terribly, Gravely, Too late,
He cannot escape the sable intruder, The chill encircling will not calm his blaze,
Her love devours him like a recruiter as,
Mama, Daughter, treads wearily Into the misty haze, Tired, Unspoken,
Mama, says to daughter, Nothing, left but prayers karma debts now my sweet daughter perhaps his guardian angel will guide him home.'

Donna Lynn McNicol (c)
June 16th 2005

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