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Love Our Mum

It breaks my Heart, these words that I write
A lesson to learn , my tears start to fight
Through sobs of grief , our hearts cry in pain
I write these words for you mum , know your love was not in vain

Powerful until the end, you silenced all your pain
Never once did you cry, even when there was no gain
Selfless you are, strong and stubborn too
You kept it well hidden, even when it was too much for you

He watches from above, sends you strength for the fight
Still he waits for his moment, to turn out our lights
He hears our faint cries, 18 souls screaming out
Our world has been shattered, our hearts all ripped out

So Now is the time, he will come from your past
Take away all your pain, share a love that will last
Itís time to go home, to be where you need
We know youíll be waiting, for us under the tree

We never said goodbye, or gave you a last kiss
Never told you we loved you, or how much we will miss
You will always be needed, no matter where you are
Our bond will never wither, we will love you from afar

These words that we cry, endless tears just for you
Shows the world our sweet pride, having a mother like you
So we thank you mum, love all that you do
Love and respect everything that you are, Know how proud we are of you

We will never forget you ,
Love you always and forever ,
We have so many stories to tell,
Your heart and soul will live forever

Jo, Naomi , Rick

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